Roman Forum. The reconstruction of the 19th century. Painter Becchetti. Watercolour.

Dark Heart has a sequel under development!

Dark Secrets is set three years later, in 238 AD – the Year of Six Emperors

Antonius is a member of the Praetorian Guard and one of its most accomplished spies. He’s been doing the job so long he no longer recognises himself, nor even which side he’s on. Suffering burnout, he is assigned the ‘easy’ task as a guard for Rome’s sacred Vestal Virgins. Little does he know that the posting will change his life forever.

Cassia is a young widow in no hurry to change her marital state. While she married as family duty, her sister Sabina was given the honour of ‘marrying’ for Rome, and serving as a Vestal. When Sabina dies unexpectedly, Cassia is convinced it’s murder and demands answers, even as the authorities begin a systematic cover-up to keep control of a city ready to explode.

A reluctant¬† Antonius is dragged back into a world he detests by a woman he cannot ignore. They may even get the chance to fall in love – if the conspirators don’t kill them first.

Dark Shadows will also feature the return of Dark Heart’s heroine and hero, Kyna and Marcus.


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