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Meet Ninja Cookieface!

Meet Ninja Cookieface!

We Naughty Ninjas are an eclectic bunch and I’m delighted to have then visit my web site for a quickie interview. These talented ladies share a little of their writing styles and fave books. We also get a sneak peek about their latest work in progress!

Today I’m thrilled to have Sandra Antonelli join me!

1. What is your favourite book of all time?
It’s a toss up between DuMaurier’s Rebecca, jane Eyre, and Elmore Leonard’s Rum Punch.

2. What is it that has made it a durable classic for you?
The mood, the language, the characters the desire to read them over and over


Meet the lovely Sandra!

Meet the lovely Sandra!

3. Has that book influenced your decision to be a writer and indeed has it influenced your writing?
I’d say Rum Punch has. I liked that book because Jackie Brown, the lead, is one smart cookie.  If so, how? Jackie is in her forties. She wasn’t a mother or a grandma, or a Miss Marple type mystery sleuth, or some manifestation of what women over 40 are “supposed to” be. Jackie isn’t worried about getting older or hitting menopause. She’s a badass, smartass, and she does what she has to do to live her life and love on her terms. The fiction world needs more Jackie Browns. Romance needs more Jackie Browns, more smart, mature women who aren’t limited to the stereotyped roles usually assigned to them. She is what I keep in mind when I write my novels.

4. What are three characteristics that make a book a ‘keeper’, one that you will re-read?
An engaging story that makes me think. Three dimensional characters with a sense of humour. Natural, witty and snappy dialogue.

This week it’s Take Me I’m Yours. It’s the third in my Los Alamos Series and features Thomas Mitchell, a secondary character from For Your Eyes Only, and Michaela Binney, who played a very small role in the same book.  It’s about a wedding, overnight guests, haemorrhoid cream, exes, family, and the things people put on their refrigerators.

Check out Sandra’s work on Amazon!

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  • Noelle Clark

    Sandra and Elizabeth, thank you both for a lovely post. I’m watching on as the Naughty Ninjas post some marvellous items. Loving each one, alas I’m finding it hard to leave comments on all of them, but am enjoying them nonetheless. Bye for now. N.

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