Never Gonna Fall for Modern Love

 In Being An Author

I learned something tonight. I’m no good with modern love.

No, no, no – not the David Bowie song:

Modern romances I mean.

I had a great idea for a modern little novella, a couple of great scenes and…

… well a plot that just wouldn’t come together and hero who was so intangible as to be transparent.

I’ve faced the realisation that great author friends Lily Malone and Alison Stuart have ably described – I was writing the wrong book and no amount of thinking, revision and reworking was going to make it happen.

I have a soft spot for Miss Midnight and perhaps her day in the sun will come.

But today is not her day.

So who’s day is it?

Well that would be Lady Abigail Houghall, one of the antagonists of Moonstone Obsession.

Yep, that’s right, the villainess of Moonstone Obsession is demanding her own story and that she be the heroine and she gets her happily ever after.

Well, what the lady wants, the lady gets, but she has to get through France’s Reign of Terror first.


So sorry Miss Midnight you’ve been gazumped by Moonstone Conspiracy.

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  • Susanne Bellamy

    Maybe Miss Midnight can have a novella. In the meantime, Abigail sounds like a great protagonist! Look forward to her getting her ‘day’.

    • EE Carter

      Yep, Miss Midnight will be a novella. Perhaps I can do bit and pieces on it while I bring Warrior’s Surrender and Moonstone Conspiracy to fruition. I think I’m an epic, sweeping historical saga kinda gal. 🙂

  • Sherry Gloag

    With a name like Miss Midnight, perhaps she needs to be in a paranormal story? Lady Abigail sounds likes she’s a demanding character and I hope you have lots of fun dealing with her 🙂

    • EE Carter

      Miss Midnight is/was doing to be a late night DJ who ends up in a quirky country town. She might get her HEA yet.

  • lily malone

    Big decision – I’m sure it didn’t come lightly – but for me it was the best thing to drop ‘the book that will never be written’ and write Fairway. That said, EEC, I am now toying with revisiting TBTWNBW! 🙂

    • EE Carter

      The secret to good comedy is timing and I think the secret to a great story is timing too. Miss Midnight will appear!

      But now I’m researching French Revolution assassins and have uncovered some amazing real life stories.

  • Alison Stuart

    Thank you for the mention 🙂 I’m glad my experience is helpful to others. The one thing I learned during the whole “Frankenbook” episode was that you have to be true to your own voice. I am absolutely certain readers will pick that you are not comfortable with the writing. Only when I stepped away from the story and went back to the first principles which had led me to write it in the first place, did the story sing for me again and yes, it found a publisher. If nothing else you have honed your craft in writing the story. It may not be the right story but you will be a better writer for the experience. So no writing is ever wasted and one day my own contemporary romance (Sarah’s Legacy) may see the light of day…but not any time soon 😉

    • EE Carter

      Thank you Alison. One of the things I love about being a romance writer is the amount of community support. It doesn’t matter which publisher you’re with or which genre you write, there are so many people who are generous with their time.

      Thank you once again! xxx

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