Revenge of the Corsairs coverCaptive of the Corsairs has a sequel under development!

Revenge of the Corsairs tells the story of Laura Cappleman after her rescue from the palace of Al-Min. Traumatised by her experience at the hands of Selim Omar, she has not escaped from her slavery unscathed, as revealed in the first book.

Elias Nash, first officer on the Calliope, has always been sweet on the wealthy young English woman but they are of different worlds, so never acted on his feelings.

Fearful of how her experiences affected her, Laura refuses to get close to Elias and becomes desperate to return to the life of the bon ton she’d left behind in England.

Elias fears love may not be enough when Laura’s mental state appears to be growing worse, when she becomes convinced that the now dead Selim Omar is coming for revenge.

But when Elias learns the truth, will he able to shield Laura from the Revenge of the Corsairs?

Revenge of the Corsairs will be released later in 2017. It is the second installment in the Heart of the Corsairs series and the sequel to Captive of the Corsairs, now available at Amazon.

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