Coming early 2018

Shadow of the Corsairs

Out June 26, 2018 – order here

Go back to where it all began with this prequel to Captive of the Corsairs and Revenge of the Corsairs.

Shadow of the Corsairs tells the story of Jonathan Afua a member from a noble Ethiopian family who is torn between heartbreaking grief and revenge.

Morwena Gambino hides her aptitude for business while working for her father and all of her best laid plans come under threat from jealousy surprising close to home.

Their lives are changed forever when they encounter the dangerous and brilliant Captain Christopher ‘Kit’ Hardacre and his crew of privateers.

Jonathan and Morwena might even have a chance to fall in love – as long as Kit’s erratic behaviour doesn’t get them killed first…


 Shadow of the Corsairs is the third installment in the Heart of the Corsairs series and the sequel to Captive of the Corsairs, now available at Amazon and Revenge of the Corsairs, also on Amazon to order now.