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Chesterfield couch, in royal purple - just perfect for our distinguished guest on tonight's show.

Chesterfield couch, in royal purple – just perfect for our distinguished guest on tonight’s show.

One of the best parts about becoming an author is getting to know wonderful people from around the world. And one of those lovely people is Cynthia Hampton, a fellow author with Etopia Press. Cynthia and I were buddied up on the Valentine’s Heat II anthology and now her debut romance Midnight Diamonds is now on the shelves.

Welcome to the Tuesday Book Club and the comfy purple couch!

Tell us about you! What do you like to do apart from writing. What are your passions?

I love to read, especially vampire romance. It’s one of my weaknesses. Apart from that small indulgence, I enjoy movies and spending time with family.


Midnight Diamonds, the debut country-contemporary release by Cynthia Hampton

Tell us what inspired Midnight Diamonds.

The idea was birthed years ago, a glint of moonlight on the ocean inspiring me with the possibility of the story.

Were you always a country music fan? Who are your favourite artists?

I love country music, especially “hometown” singers like Blake Shelton, Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, and Carrie Underwood.

Midnight Diamonds is part of a series I see. Was that the way you originally intended it or did you realise part way through the writing process that the brothers needed stories of their own.

Midnight Diamonds has gone through a lot of changes, but I always intended it to be the first in a series. The Rivers family is a strong unit, facing modern challenges as well as mistakes from the past

Tell us about Silver Madison. What drives her story?

Silver’s quiet, ordered life is thrown into chaos when she meets Justin Rivers. She wants to love and be loved but not as an afterthought by a cowboy who’s in search of country music fame.

Justin Rivers sounds like a wonderful hero. What characteristics make him a wonderful romantic hero.

Cindy Pic

Meet Cynthia Hampton, author of the country-contemporary Midnight Diamonds.

Justin Rivers has a strong, take-charge personality that has a tendency to stampede over the top of people. He’s funny, confident in his own skin, and eager to be a famous singer. But he can’t control love’s emotional ride with fisted hands and …and it takes time for him to realize it’s better to let go of the reins and open his heart.

It sounds like a marvellous story. Once again congratulations on your debut. I wish you every success and many, many book sales!


Life looks good for Justin Rivers. Breaking into the country music scene and being scouted by the top talent agency in Nashville is a dream come true. He doesn’t have time for distractions, but his heart has other ideas.

Life isn’t working for Silver Madison. She loves teaching at GaGa high school, but a possible scandal threatens the school, and her cheating fiancé has broken her heart. When a singing cowboy enters her quiet, sedate life, Silver considers putting aside her dislike of country music for sizzling passion.

Things are great until Justin’s manager and his crazy promo schemes force both Justin and Silver into the tabloid headlines. Justin desperately tries to protect her and his family. Silver wants to trust Justin, but she isn’t sure what he’s offering. Now Silver’s career is on the line…and her heart is in jeopardy again.

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