Welcome to the Christmas season!

I know you’ve been stressed dealing with the Christmas shopping, the holiday traffic and the 101 things which crop up around this time of year.

I thought you deserved some “you” time, so I’ve collated a 100% calorie free, 100% enjoyable advent calendar filled with wonderful seasonal stories from around the world.

As this is the season of giving, I’ve teamed up with some wonderful authors to present:

The Elizabeth Ellen Carter and Friends 2019 Advent Calendar

Each day between December 1 and 24 (in your local time zone), the numbered door will open with a Christmas story book cover and a link to a seasonal title.

If you’ve come to the calendar part way through the month, fear not! It just means you get to open lots of doors all at once.

I’d like to wish you love, joy and many hours of wonderful reading.

With love,