Elizabeth Ellen Carter's new release Father's Day is in the anthology A Night of AngelsA Night of Angels is a very special anthology by your favourite Dragonblade authors.

We were told to let our imaginations take flight.

  •  It had to be a Christmas story
  • It had to be about 20,000 words, and
  • It had to tie in with one of our existing series

And with so many wonderful authors writing in so many fabulous time periods, you’re sure to find something heartwarming in A Night of Angels.

So to have a little bit of fun, I’ve asked my follow authors to share a little more about their Christmas story and how it ties in with their series.

My next guest is Alexa Aston.

  1. Tell us the name of the story and a little background about the hero and the heroine you’re revisiting for A Night of Angels?

My contribution to this collection is Season of Honor, an extension of my 10-book Knights of Honor series. It features my anchor couple, Geoffrey and Merryn de Montfort, and tells the story of their first Christmas together. It’s a take on the original Christmas story, with a unknown young woman giving birth in the de Montfort stables to a babe who will bring much joy to a certain couple at Kinwick.

  1. What is it about this particular couple and their story that drew you into writing a Christmas story for them?

When I originally wrote Word of Honor, Geoffrey and Merryn’s love story, I hadn’t planned for it to be part of a series. Something touched me deeply, though, about this couple and their timeless romance. I wanted to see Geoffrey and Merryn’s love story continue over time. The best way to do so was to let this book serve as the start of a series about the de Montfort family. Eventually, I gave this loving couple six children—and all of them marry for love with the soul mates they find through their adventures throughout the series.

When I was given the opportunity to contribute a Christmas story to this holiday collection, I had just wrapped up the series, never thinking I’d write for Geoffrey and Merryn again. A Night of Angels gave me a chance to revisit them at a time early in their marriage, when they spent their first Christmas together.

  1. What is it about the Holiday/Christmas season, do you think, that draws together family and friends?

I think Christmas is a time for reflection and showing an abundance of love to those closest to us, which includes not only our family but our friends (who often become family to us).

  1. What does this Season mean for your hero and heroine?

For Geoffrey and Merryn, they are living the miracle of finally being together. They were cruelly separated less than a day after they spoke their wedding vows and lived apart almost seven years, not knowing if the other were alive. When Geoffrey is finally able to return to Merryn, they have become different people—but their love for another is still deep and abiding. It’s a struggle, but they realize they’ve grown stronger as individuals because of their long separation. Now they’re back together, they’re even stronger since they can depend upon one another.

So in Season of Honor, this is the first Christmas they’ll spend together, with their twins. Merryn is pregnant with a new babe and they are enjoying daily life at Kinwick, living and loving.

Short excerpt from A Season of Honor

“Is that what I think it is?” Geoffrey asked. “Are you quickening?” He brought a hand to her belly and placed his palm flat against it. The subtle kick came again.

“’Tis our babe,” Merryn confirmed.

He nuzzled her neck. “I missed this before. I didn’t know what it would be like.”

Merryn heard the wonder in his voice.

“A babe is a gift from God. To think, a life we made together now grows inside you, coming to life.”

He kissed his way down her nose and throat, between the valley of her breasts, his lips coming to rest against her belly.

“Do you hear me, little de Montfort?” he asked softly. “I am your father. You’re safe inside your mother, the best mother in all of England. Mayhap the world.”

Waiting, the fluttering kick occurred again and Geoffrey kissed the spot. “We are waiting for you, your mother and I. Your sister and brother. All of Kinwick. You are a babe conceived in love. One born of not only passion but the belief your mother and I have in one another. We cannot wait to see you.”

He kissed her belly once more and then gave her a soft, lingering kiss before pulling the bed curtain aside.

“Do you know how much happiness you bring to me?” Geoffrey asked.

“Hopefully, as much as you give me,” Merryn replied.

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