The 2018 Bluestocking Belle’s anthology

Bluestocking Belles 2018 Holiday Anthology!

A Fine Chance

San Francisco, 1922

Helen Watson arranged a job for an out-of-work former soldier at her workplace, unaware that she’s the miracle Robert Fairmont needed.

Robert has returned from the Great War a new man with a new name. A job in his father’s factory is the first step toward reconciliation.

Can Helen forgive him for hiding his true or will Robert end up losing his father and his one true love?

All he needs is a fine chance.

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Follow Your Star Home: Out November 4

Excerpt from A Fine Chance (Follow Your Star Home)

Bob was gone for nearly two hours, but during that time, she had typed another twelve pages. He returned with a chicken dinner wrapped in foil and insisted she stop and eat while he set up the typewriter opposite, Millie’s typewriter.

She watched him hesitate over the machine a moment, the first few strokes tentative and slow as he double checked each line. By the time he inserted the second page, Bob had set up a slow and steady rhythm.

Helen cleaned her hands before picking up one of the pages and skimming it for errors. She found none.

“The army taught you to type?” she asked returning back to her desk.

“No,” he said, then hesitated. “I taught myself in college.”

Helen’s fingers stumbled over the keys causing a half a dozen of them to jam at the ribbon. She unpicked them one by one.

“You’re a college man?”

Silver-blue eyes peered back at her but Bob said nothing.

“Then what on earth are you doing here in a job that doesn’t even require a high school diploma?”

“For a long time I lost my way. I saw so much death on the battlefields of France. Something in me died also. I wanted to start my life over again.”

“I wish I had known you then,” she whispered.

Bob’s eyes left hers to look at the typewriter once more. “And I’m glad you didn’t. You wouldn’t have liked me much. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t like Marshall Compton. He reminds me too much of the man I was and that’s not a man I want to be.”

Helen waited, hoping Bob would say more. There was so much about him that she didn’t know and she wanted to know everything about the man she was falling in love with.

But he said no more. Instead, conversation was replaced by the steady clack of the typewriter, both his and hers.