Follow Your Star Home, a seasonal anthology by the Bluestocking Belles

The 2018 Bluestocking Belles anthology: Follow Your Star Home

Bluestocking Belles 2018 Holiday Release

Follow Your Star Home

Divided sweethearts seek love and forgiveness in this collection of seasonal novellas.

Forged for lovers, the Viking star ring is said to bring lovers together, no matter how far, no matter how hard.

In eight stories covering more than a thousand years, our heroes and heroines put this legend to the test. Watch the star work its magic as prodigals return home in the season of goodwill, uncertain of their welcome.

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Elizabeth’s story:

A Fine Chance

San Francisco, 1922
Helen Watson has arranged a job for an out-of-work former soldier at her workplace, unaware that she’s the miracle Robert Fairmont needed.

Robert has returned from the Great War a different man with a new name. A job in his father’s factory is the first step toward reconciliation.

Can Helen forgive him for hiding his real identity or will Robert end up losing his father and his one true love?
All he needs is a fine chance.