The 2018 Bluestocking Belle’s anthology

Follow Your Star Home is a very special anthology by The Bluestocking Bells.

We were given an interesting brief.

  •  It had to be a Christmas story
  • It had to be about 20,000 words

And it had to feature the following elements

  • A ring (which you can see on the cover)
  • A sword
  • An Arabian horse
  • A sailing boat, and
  • A prodigal returns story

Our imaginations ran wild and the result is Follow Your Star Home.

So to have a little bit of fun, I’ve asked my follow Belles to show of their fantasy film casting skills and share a little more about their story.

My next guest is Rue Allyn.


Tell us the name of the story and a little background about the hero and the heroine you’ve created for Follow Your Star Home

My novella is titled A Wish for All Seasons and is part of the MacKai family saga begun in Knight Protector.

A Wish for All Seasons is a reunion story and the basic info on the tale is: The last thing Caibre MacFearann wants is to return to Scotland let alone be forced to stay there. But the chance to rekindle the lost love of his youth is too tempting to resist. However, Aisla MacKai refuses to listen until her clan’s fate and a royal decree force Aisla to give him a chance.


If you could cast any actor and actress into the role of your hero and heroine (it could be current stars or Golden Years of Hollywood legends), who would you pick?

I have a really hard time with this type of question because each actor/actress brings different qualities to each role. Just think for example how many great actors have played Mr. Darcy, how many great actresses have played Elizabeth Bennett. Why must I choose just one of each, and if could choose more than one, where would the list end? I’d almost prefer to ask the readers who they would cast as Aisla and Caibre.


What does this Season mean for your hero and heroine?

Home, hearth, family and hope are the cornerstones of this holiday for both Aisla MacKai and Caibre MacFearann.

Excerpt from A Wish For All Seasons

She tumbled backward. Immediately clansmen surrounded her, and the man, who could only be her supposedly dead brother. MacKai gray eyes were so called because the color matched the hue of storm-dark seas in Dungarob Harbor. The color bred true through generations of MacKais and no one not a MacKai had eyes quite that shade of gray.

“Steafan?” She reached for him.

Murmurs circled the room. “Impossible. Risen from the dead. Alive?”

“Aye, I’m alive.” croaked a familiar voice. “I seem to have made it home at last.” At which point his eyes closed, and he slept as if he’d never wakened.

“Prepare the master’s chamber, immediately,” ordered Aisla.

“But Miss Aisla the laird’s been dead these . . . .”

A glare silenced all protests. “All of you listen to me. This man may look like a stranger, but the eyes do not lie. He is my brother, Steafan, your laird. The tale of his death at sea is obviously wrong. Now prepare his chamber and yourselves to serve him as is only right, for every MacKai in Dungarob owes living and allegiance to him.”

Satisfied that her brother was as well cared for as could be, she turned to examine the man with the MacFearann badge and received a second shock. All the joy at Steafan’s return fled before the certainty that she’d been cursed. What evil had she done to bring Caibre MacFearann to Dungarob?


Follow Your Star Home is out on November 4 – pre-order here.

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