Love's Great Adventure - September edition. Out on Friday the 14th

Love’s Great Adventure – September edition. Out on Friday the 14th

Love’s Great Adventure Magazine

September Edition


Main feature
Legends and Lovers
(Legends to Love)

Secondary pointers
Escape to the Country
Aussie authors bring the country to life

Twisted Tales
Demelza Carlton brings out the dark side of familiar fairytales

Gloves To Love
Victoria Vane puts the finger on gloves

The Runaway Groom!
Sasha Cottman tracks down Italy’s most eligible bachelor


  • Pack a picnic!
  • The Lady’s Maid’s Secret Part IV
  • Heart of the Corsairs puzzles and fun

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The Lady’s Maid’s Secret Part 4 Excerpt

(exclusive to Love’s Great Adventure Magazine)

Clever and precocious Rose Reed, the new lady’s maid to the impoverished Lady Pendrick, has discovered a trove of titillating tidbits about her mistress’ so-called friends from the journals of the late maid. Rallied by Rose, Lady Pendrick’s loyal servants have come up with an elaborate scheme to see that justice is done and the Pendrick fortune restored. In this installment, a doctor gets a taste of his own medicine.

Dear Reader,

It is said women are the weaker sex, but I’m not sure that is entirely true. While indeed it is a factual claim that men have the advantage when it comes to physical strength, I would suggest the female is the more cunning of the species.

Take for instance, Lady Winchester, who received a larger slice of the sympathy – not to mention a larger slice of the financial settlement – when she was cruelly set aside by her dyspeptic husband. The man was shunned by all decent families for the shameless flaunting of his mistress. Worse still, Lord Winchester was no longer even welcome in his own club.

Lady Winchester, however, wisely put herself in the hands of Dr. Algernon Mallard, a medical man who seemed to have made a specialty of treating that distressingly common of complaints – female hysteria.