An occasional feature where I talk about random things running through my head. Mostly stream of consciousness. Sometimes fuelled by red wine…

On Blogging

I have such good intentions when it comes to blogging. So many interesting historical tid-bits to share, but then I get sucked into a rabbit hole of fact, checking, cross linking and research that by the time I write 500 words, four hours has gone.

Then I feel guilty about not blogging and then torn because the time I could spend blogging, I should be spending on writing another book. Argh, it’s a vicious cycle.

I will continue to write the historical features but I’m going to give myself permission to pace myself them a bit more and commit to a regular schedule.

On the Books

Shadow of the Corsairs is with my editor. I hope to have release date news in the next couple of weeks.

I’m so thrilled with my writing schedule. Once I thought I’d only be able to turn in one full length novel and one short story a year, but my writing schedule for this year will see me deliver two full length novels (Shadow of the Corsairs and Live And Let Spy), a short novel (a super secret project that I can’t share with you just yet) and a novella (A Fine Chance – a Bluestocking Belles anthology feature).

I’ve learned so much since writing Moonstone Obsession – my first novel which will have it’s fifth anniversary in October.

On the romance industry

Historical romance mega star Courtney Milan has written a passion-filled piece on what she describes as systematic racism in the publishing industry. She raises some interesting points. Some I agree with, some I don’t.

Since Shadow of the Corsairs is coming up, I’m taking an interest in any discussion about diversity in literature and seemingly endless war on ‘diversity, inclusivity and equity’, whether ‘white’ authors are bad people for writing POCs (or should that be Ps O C? which somehow seems like a worse acronym) or worse people for not including POC in their works.

There is a lot of injustice in this world to be sure. But there have been lots of positive strides made at improving the lives all the world’s population. Since I spend so much time immersed in history, I thought I’d do some contemporary reading, so I’ll looking to start with renowned economist Thomas Sowell’s latest book, Discrimination & Disparities.

On RT Convention

My first big American trip comes up next month the RT Convention in Reno, Nevada. It’s also my first trip to the US and I can’t wait. I’ll get to meet my publisher Kathryn Le Veque and my editor Scott Moreland for the very first time. I’ll be sharing photos and news from the trip in the June edition of Love’s Great Adventure Magazine.

On Love’s Great Adventure

Big plans for the June edition – we’ve got great authors sharing excerpts, research and interviews about their new titles. I’m humbled by the response Duncan and I have received on the mag and I can tell you, we have big plans for 2019.