I’m honoured that Moonstone Conspiracy is a finalist.

I’m very honoured to be a finalist in the Australian Romance Readers Association awards for my historical romance Moonstone Conspiracy.

Moonstone Conspiracy was quite a difficult story to write. The heroine, Lady Abigail Houghall (whom we first met in Moonstone Obsession) was an utter conniving bitch, but there was something about her that people seemed to love.

Abigail’s redemption in Moonstone Conspiracy was not an easy one. She found herself in a very low place and the rat-cunning she employed so effortlessly had to be used to even greater effect.

One man saw something in her and saw a chance to turn her from a Jezebel to a Rahab. He acknowledged her past, and gave her the opportunity to use it for a greater good.

Abigail also needed a partner in this exercise and she received one in the form of the Honourable Daniel Ridgeway, the son of an aristocrat who too had to live on rat cunning to survive.

Moonstone Conspiracy with a special guest appearance by Sir Percy Blakeney

Moonstone Conspiracy with a special guest appearance by Sir Percy Blakeney

Where Abigail threw herself into affairs, Daniel eschewed any close relationships.

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These two broken people, brought together by circumstances beyond their control discover the transcendent power of love to heal and to overcome.

I’m so thrilled to be incredibly illustrious company such as Téa Cooper, Anna Campbell Author Page, Frances Housden, Sasha Cottman, Allison Butler and Anne Gracie.

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