I’m thrilled to announced that Spy Another Day, Book 3 in The King’s Rogues series will be released on February 20!

This is the final book in the series and I have to say that I’ve had so much fun with these characters over the past 18 months. It’s been great fun bringing back Lady Abigail Ridgeway, the villain and later hero of the Moonstone series, along with her husband, the gentleman spy, Daniel Ridgeway.

In total there will be five stories in this series – the three full length novels: Live And Let Spy, Spyfall and Spy Another Day and two Christmas novellas: Father’s Day and Warming Winter’s Heart which is in the Stars Are Brightly Shining anthology.

And Father’s Day, of course, ties into the Heart of the Corsairs series.

Spy Another Day is at once a huge adventure, a psychological study and a romance – all of my favourite things rolled into one!

Here’s the blurb:

He is a dangerous man. And his darkness runs deep…
Reduced to genteel poverty following the closure of the family’s Cornish tin mine, Alexandra Gedding and her twin are saved from the wrath of angry, unpaid workers by the timely intervention of a secretive stranger.

David Manston, the disgraced Baron of Carreg, lives as a hermit in a clifftop cottage, his true identity unknown to everyone in the village – just as he prefers. His offer of mediation was to be a one-time act of kindness, but it does not stop Allie trying to pry into his past nor lessen his own attraction to the beautiful gentlewoman.

In the midst of strange happenings at the rundown mine, a figure emerges from Allie’s childhood – her notorious godmother, Lady Abigail, who possesses the means to lay bare David Manston’s darkest secret…

Will the truth bring Allie into his arms, or drive her away for good?

And, to further whet your appetite, here is an exclusive preview:


Her breath quickened. If her brother’s transformation had been remarkable, then David’s was even more so. She thought him devastatingly handsome in his working clothes, but now, dressed in evening finest – a crisp black tail coat worn with white breeches and highly polished black leather shoes, a cravat expertly tied and fixed with a sapphire stickpin that was both elegant and understated – he looked positively aristocratic.

Every inch the Baron of Carreg. A stranger to her.

He bore her inspection without comment, but when she returned to his eyes, one brow was cocked in a rakish manner that made her weak at the knees. A flush of heat filled her. She wafted her fan to cool the blush she knew was on her cheeks.

Allie drew in a breath and exhaled slowly to steady her nerves. She could not let David be ambushed by Lady Abigail’s stunt.

“There’s something I need to tell you about one of the guests tonight,” she said.

“Claire Owen-Jones?”

Allie started, disarmed. She nodded mutely. A mix of expressions crossed David’s face in an instant.

“Your godmother is a hell of a woman,” he said.

She didn’t know whether that was a compliment or a condemnation.

“You are not married to her as you let me believe.” It was less a question than a statement.

Allie kept her voice even, but could not hide the disappointment.

He nodded, his face a mask.

You want the truth of the matter? Look in Manston’s eyes.

All she saw in them was defensiveness and hurt.

“Is what they say of you true?”

His face crumpled a moment as though he were in pain before he recovered himself.

“That’s a hell of a question, Allie.”

“Well?” It was the only word she could articulate.

David swallowed hard, then spoke, his voice flat.

“I shudder to think what that godmother of yours told you. What was it? That I abuse and beat women? That I had to flee in exile to the Continent for ten years? That my proclivities are so vile that experienced courtesans quail? Are they the questions you want answers to?”

Fighting for composure was difficult. She felt her face burn. Her chest was tight, making it difficult to breathe.

David straightened himself, his normally open expression shuttered from her. “If I denied it, I’d be telling a lie. If I admitted it, that wouldn’t be the truth either.”

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