The Promise of the Bells - part of A Legend To Love series by Elizabeth Ellen Carter

The Promise of the Bells – part of A Legend To Love series) is a sweet reimagining of the legendary story of Dick Whitington

A Legend To Love

The Promise of the Bells

Young Richard Whiting comes from a poor family but he’s given a golden opportunity – to move to London to further his education. On the way there, he is befriended by Lord Ambrose and his young daughter, Catherine ‘Cat’ Swanston, and Richard and Catherine become sweethearts.

In order to make his fortune, Richard is pulled into a different life but the young couple vow beneath the tolling bells of the churches of London to always be there for one another.

Years later, now an up-and-coming barrister, Richard learns that Catherine needs help. Her father is missing, and His Lordship’s business partner refuses to provide any information. It will take Catherine’s bravery and Richard’s legal cunning for there to be a happily ever after…

The Promise of the Bells is a retelling of Dick Whittington set in Regency London and is part of the A Legend to Love series.

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