A Season To Remember - our gift to you this Christmas.

A Season To Remember – our gift to you this Christmas.

Three Ships

A short story

Three wonderful Australian authors and I have written a very special short short story anthology  – just in time for Christmas.

These four stories will delight readers of romantic and women’s fiction – and best of all, it is FREE!

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An adventure romance set in the early 19th century on the Devon Coast.

“Why doesn’t the lieutenant do something?” Laura whispered tautly.

“Just wait,” her father insisted.

Blackwell too had stopped running as he watched his two men close the gap. They were now only ten yards away when Renten picked up the lantern, pulled out the candle and dropped it in the cauldron.

The blackguards closed in–  five yards, two yards – then the powder in the cauldron ignited. Renten disappeared in a flash of light and billowing smoke.

The two men ran into the miasma and, a moment later, their cries of distress were heard as they ran right off the edge of the cliff.

Laura gripped her father’s hand at the sound and the sight.

When the white-blue smoke cleared, the cliff edge was deserted, save for the cauldron.