Time After Time by Elizabeth Ellen Carter

I’m delighted to share my first release of 2021 with you.

Time After Time is a collection of my short stories including the serialised short story The Lady’s Maid’s Secret which you will have seen in Love’s Great Adventure magazine.

Pre-orders will open on January 26 with the book releasing on March 14.

Time After Time will be 99c and free on Kindle Unlimited.

Time After Time is an collection of seven romantic short stories which range of the 18th century to far in the future. Some are humorous, others are poignant, and some are tender.

They are:
– September Harvest
– The Night of the Feast
– A Fine Chance
– Three Ships
– The Lady’s Maid’s Secret
– The Tin Bear
– The Onyx Sun
The Onyx Sun is published here for the very first time. Set aboard an interstellar freighter, it is the first foray into the future for an author better known for historical suspense and romance.
Of the other titles, the Victorian-era The Lady’s Maid’s Secret was previously serialized exclusively in the author’s quarterly magazine newsletter, Love’s Great Adventure, while the remaining stories appeared in anthologies with other authors or supporting novellas.