Chesterfield couch, in royal purple - just perfect for our distinguished guest on tonight's show.

Chesterfield couch, in royal purple – just perfect for our distinguished guest on tonight’s show.

I have made some wonderful friends on my writing journey — incredible women who are so gifted with words and telling amazing stories that stay with you long after the last page has been turned. Today I welcome one of my very good author friends, Eva Scott, author of Red Dust Dancer.
What were you like at school?
Total arts nerd. I took dance, theatre, art classes. I did the whole alternative 80s look. I think I may have traumatised my head mistress.

What inspired you to write?
I have always written stories – even before I could write properly you could find me pretend writing long-winded yarns only I could fathom.

The lovely and talented Eva Scott

The lovely and talented Eva Scott

Which writers inspire you?
Isabel Allende set me on fire in the 90s with The House of the Spirits. Kauai Hart Hemmings is a great favourite at the moment. Donna Tartt, Neil Gaiman…and I’ve been a devoted Mary Wesley fan for as long as I can remember.

What inspired you to write this story?
I have a horse doctor friend who told me about a client of hers who had been a Moulin Rouge girl before coming home to Australia and marrying a farmer. I liked the idea that you could reinvent yourself into a whole other version.

How much research do you do?
Loads. My cousin owns 2 cattle stations so that took care of the farm aspect of things (although Tamsin’s farm is miniscule by comparison). The Moulin Rouge dancer research was incredibly fun. I collected as many stories as I could about what life is like backstage at one of the most famous cabarets in the world. It’s actually quite a hard slog and takes its toll physically. Nowhere near as glamourous as you might think.

Can you give us a blurb to let us know what the story is about?
Everyone deserves a second chance—and another dance. Tamsin Cooper’s career as a Parisian showgirl is coming to an end. Nearly thirty, with no boyfriend and no prospects of a family of her own, she decides to take up her inheritance—her Uncle Ted’s cattle farm in Queensland.
Farm life seems to be suiting her until Tamsin discovers that Uncle Ted had a secret—and her sexy neighbour Angus Walker helped him keep it.
Faced with losing her farm and her heart, Tamsin returns to what she knows best, dancing, and starts teaching the residents of Elliott’s Crossing how to get in touch with their inner showgirl.

She may have the dance moves, but can she shimmy past a forty-year-old lie and a betrayal of lost love to find her place—and rediscover love—in this country town?

Give us an insight into your main character. What does she do that is so special?
Tamsin Cooper has been a professional dancer all her adult life so she’s disciplined and not afraid of hard work. She’s also eternally optimistic so when she’s presented with a timely opportunity to change careers it doesn’t faze her for a minute. As a twenty-first century woman she figures she can Google anything she needs to know. She’s not running a dairy farm; she’s raising beef cattle. How hard can it be?

Which actor/actress would you like to see playing the lead character from your most recent book?
I could imagine Cameron Diaz being a perfect Tamsin.

What book/s are you reading at present?
I Am Radar by Reif Larson. This one was an airport pickup. Totally original storyline that’s got me gripped.

The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi. Revisiting an old favourite after catching Naveen Andrews in something recently. He played Karim in the TV series all those years ago. Inspired me to go back and read the book again.
Aim True by Kathryn Budig. I’m a yoga-holic and this is the perfect book for a girl like me.

What writing project are you working on next?
Just finishing up Red Dust Runaway – a romance about two runaways from very different worlds who hook up for an Outback cross-country road trip.

Tell us something unique about you that they wouldn’t guess from just looking at your photograph?

What is your favourite positive saying?
More ways than one to skin a cat (not very positive if you’re a cat)

What is your favourite book and why?
I don’t believe I have a singular all-time favourite although I do have a small collection of books that have criss-crossed the globe with me. These are books I reread from time to time, authors who feel like old friends.

What is your favourite quote?
French saying: You can’t dance faster than the music.
Italian saying: Family are like fresh fish, good for three days.

What is your favourite movie and why?
Again I don’t have a specific favourite but there are some films I can watch again and again and they never get old – Some like it Hot, Toy Story, Bella Vita (a doco I’ve got on continuous repeat), Star Wars, Love Actually, RocknRolla….I could go on and on. Basically anything with a good story construction, strong characters and leaves me feeling something at the end.

How can readers discover more about you and you work?
•    Website:
•    Facebook:
•    Twitter:
•    Amazon Author Page:


Eva Scott’s second outback romance, Red Dust Dancer. Her first, Red Dust Dreaming is a fabulous read

Would you like to share an excerpt from your book?
“I’m going to have to watch my waistline here.” Going overboard was out of the question, not only because she no longer danced two shows a day but also because her budget wouldn’t carry the extra load.

“I’m sure we can find a volunteer to watch it for you.” He said this while seemingly busy reading the list of daily specials that had been left on the table.

Words jammed on her tongue so she took another sip of coffee to clear the crush. Who did he mean exactly? She hoped it was himself and not Creepy Clem he had in mind. A warmth stole through her limbs, which had nothing to do with the hot brew.

“Did you say something about stock books?” She chose to ignore both him and her traitorous body.

“Ted kept logs of all his stock. You’ll need to do the same if you’re serious about staying on. The farm will need to turn a profit. Potential buyers will be interested in genetics. They’ll want to know about marbling, feed efficiency and tenderness.” He put the menu down and looked at her with such seriousness anyone would be forgiven for thinking he was delivering bad news.

“Why wouldn’t it turn a profit?” She shrugged, ignoring the ‘tenderness’ comment, and confident that if Ted could keep things afloat in his doddering old age then she could too.

“Ted struggled towards the end. You might find the situation isn’t as healthy as you might think.” Again with the grave face. “As I mentioned yesterday, he sold off the back paddocks and all he had left was the house and the few paddocks close by. He agisted some cattle on my land which you can continue to do if you like.”

“I’m sure it will all work out.” She batted his concern away like she would a fly.

He let the silence fill between them. “If you say so,” he finally said. Why did she think he wasn’t buying what she was selling?

“Look here, hot shot.” Nothing made her blood boil faster than people telling her she couldn’t do something. “I’m more than capable of running this farm.

Sure there is a lot to learn but I’m smart and a quick study. Any problems I find I’ll solve.” She’d picked the fork up off the table and had started jabbing the air to punctuate her point.

“Whoa there, Sparkles.” He held both hands up in surrender. “Put down the fork and keep your hands where I can see ‘em.” Embarrassed, she did as she was told.

Angus leaned in, so close she could smell the scent that was all his – leather, man-musk and something primitive which set her loins on fire. “I wasn’t trying to discourage you. I just think you might have bitten off more than you can chew…”

She opened her mouth to fire back a retort when he covered her hand with his effectively shutting her up.

“…more than anyone could chew. Okay?” Those blue eyes held hers, as if daring her to doubt his sincerity.

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Author Bio
Eva Scott is a best-selling rural romance writer and with a secret yearning to join the circus. Until then, she lives on a windy peninsula in South East Queensland with her son and husband. Coffee addict, would-be renovator, story-teller and movie junkie, Eva loves nothing more than throwing a good dinner party or just a party in general.

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